"Relationships Begin With A Conversation.....Your Story"
"Relationships Are Solidified By A Promise That Is Consistent"
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Your business or organization is unique
You are authentic and trustworthy
You bring value to those you serve
YIKES.... Create New Relationships and Expand Market
Share Through Personalized Differentiation!

Building Brand and Growing Your Business or Organization

“Whether you are a business owner, an organization, or an entrepreneur,  you are a brand. And all effective brands have a story to tell and a promise to promote! Brand Promise Stories presents your promise and your story in a broad and differentiating way that connects with your target audience in a way that facts, figures, and claims never can.”

You have a website…..so does your competition. You claim to have the best product, service, most experience, best customer service, etc…..but so do they. So what’s the difference? YOU ARE!

Brand Promise Stories provide a personal presentation of you, your value story, and your promise statement in about two minutes or less. In today’s hyper-competitive business world consisting of an informed audience with too many choices and too little time, connecting quickly and on a more personal level is a huge differentiator. Let us show you how…..risk free! View the Brand Promise Stories Information Brochure.

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Ricci CoverElizabeth Ricci, Esq.

Flagler College – Tallahassee

cover page for BPSFlorida Prosperity Partnership